We Need Clear Spheres for Hoopmentitation

Fresh air and exercise is an important part of maintaining our wellness. Hoopment is a fun outdoor activity, that requires space to do it--making it a relatively safe "group activity" that you can share with your family.

Hoop-making is a hands-on project that kids will enjoy, if you have fun while you're doing it with them. They will follow your lead--in these stressful times, role-modeling healthy coping skills is of maximum importance. 

Remembering to have fun; sharing in a self-care practice that is intuitive and open to self-interpretation, is a wonderful way to share these strange, precious moments with our families. 

Hoopologie sells bulk HDPE tubing; or buy shorter cuts by the foot at your local hardware store.


Order 100 ft of 1/2 inch tubing; and 10 feet of 3/8th inch tubing (connector pieces), to yield 32 hoops in 4 diameters (or 32 same-sized hoops).

If you have neighbors with kids, you may want to coordinate a bulk order, and order multiple rolls; you'll save on shipping and save time for the folks working hard to get our goods to us.

Bulk duct tape (random colors) for decoration/weight/grip; electrical tape may be used for additional weight and decorative trim.

Expanding the hoop tubing and contracting the connector tubing may be presented as a science project; using heat and cold. 

With 32 hoops, there's enough to share! Disinfecting wipes can be used to ensure the hoops stay sanitary, after each practice.

The best place to share Hoopment is outdoors; we each need plenty of space to explore our spheres with our hoops.

It's easier to see just how much space we need, when we hold an XL-sized hoop in each hand, with our arms extended; and wave our arms in all directions. 

That is the "sphere."

We want an additional 1-3 feet between each sphere, so that we may have enough room to become (mindfully) traveling spheres, as we explore the space within our spheres, guided by our hoops. 

We can mirror or mimic each other's movements; or we can each do our own thing...regardless, because we are consciously Hoopmentitating as a group, we are practicing Hoopment together, individually. 

When our spheres don't intersect, unlikely to infect!

Resist the urge to merge..

When we may interact again safely, with our neighbors, at local parks, you could share hoops with them (sani-wipe after use); maybe even give a few as gifts to the folks who really appreciate them, and pass it on.

That's "The Hoopment"--encouraging others to practice allowing the hoops to move them, through sharing hoops...whether only for play, or giving away.

We may also practice "small-sphere" Hoopment indoors.

If you don't have the resources to give hoops away, then consider selling them--an excellent Youth Entrepreneur Project!

1 for $10....2 for $15....3 for $20....4 for $25

(suggested price)

and give away every 5th hoop

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