Hoopment is the practice of allowing a hoop to guide motion

The Hoopment is the social movement of encouraging motion that is guided by hoops, by sharing hoops

Hoopmentality is the Flow State of Mind gained through practice


A Hoop In Every Hand

Mini hoops are wonderful tools for facilitating gentle, circular movement that helps support joint suppleness and mobility, as well as increasing core strength and stability, while guiding one's body through a full range of motion.

Their smaller diameter makes them extremely portable, and effectively allows us to practice with them in most any environment, whether it be a confined or expansive space.

While providing physical dexterity through practice, Hoopment is also a form of moving meditation, calming the mind and encouraging a Flow State. Flow states are being studied by different aspects of research science, and finding ever more benefits for our bodies and minds.

I made mini-hoops and gave one to each of my massage clients, and guided them through Hoopment; when providing massage was my preferred career--before COVID-19. Now I get toprovide Elementally Functional Family Fitness

I give away mini-hoops when I have them on hand, and recognize the spark of delight, or recognition of the efficacy of the tool in the eyes of another--especially if they express rehabilitating from an injury.  

HDPE tubing is inexpensive, and making the hoops is a meditation of itself.  Gifting the hoops to random strangers who are truly delighted by watching my Hoopment, is an absolute joy and gift that I give to myself with every hoop I release from my grasp into the hand of another.

  Hoop it forward!

If you decide to make them to sell for a profit, then give away 1 hoop for every 4 you sell.  Let people know that's what you do, because you support The Hoopment--Hoops-4-All by Allovus.  When they buy from you, they are sharing, too.

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