Practicing Allowing Movement

When we are practicing allowing the hoop(s) to move us, it helps to have music playing in the background.

Current research is showing how music assists with neuroplasticity.  Music makes it easier for us to learn, especially with regard to kinesthetic learning, which we are applying when we practice Hoopment.

The following articles provide more insight on how music helps us learn:

Neuroscience of Music

Music, Brain, & Rehabilitation

Learning With Music Can Change Brain Structures

Here are few Spotify playlists that I put together for my Hoopter, The Order of the Dragonfly.

TOOTD is a global Hoopter, because the way I see it, we're all here together on this planet we share; so location is irrelevant--if we're grooving to the same tunes with our hoops, we're Grooping together.

If you have started your own Hoopter, and are making playlists via whatever application you prefer, I will be happy to post them, so that we may all have more music to assist us as we practice allowing movement.

Me too!  More music for me, too!

Thanks for sharing.


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