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Private classes are available in the Central Texas area.

In addition to Hoopment classes, private Hoopmaking workshops are available for individuals & groups (8 max).

Classes/workshops are provided by Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson, LMT, LMTI; she developed Hoopment, which is based on her 16+ years as a practicing, licensed massage therapist, combined with over a decade of flow arts practice.

Movement arts, with hoops, have existed for hundreds of years; Hoopment is another way to share hoop movement--with the focus being functional movement, vs. performance art and presentation.

(It's not about how it looks; it's how it feels and our awareness of our mobility/range of motion.)

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For pricing and more information, learn more here.

Margarita is also available to provide corporate Hoopment training:  Hoopment at the Office.

Hoopment at the Office may help reduce repetitive motion stress/injuries, increase workplace creativity and wellness, and can be added to corporate chair massage bookings.  Show your support for your employees through both massage therapy, and Hoopment for self-care!

Pricing for corporate Hoopment training varies; please contact Margarita directly to coordinate.

Hoopmaking for HR is a  1-hr Hoop-Making workshop that instructs your Human Resources department through the process of making mini-hoops, so your employees can have "office hoops" for wellness; as well as providing employees hoops to take home for continued self-care. 100 feet of tubing + connectors are included!

Hoopment at the Office may be an add-on to your corporate chair massage service, or provided to your employees by itself. 

Self-care is more easily practiced when it is supported by the workplace environment.

A dedicated "Hoop Space" helps, too!

Implementing Hoopment in the Classroom is a 2-hr workshop that is targeted to pre-k/k/1st grade teachers, but is available to any school teacher interested in learning how to make the hoops, as well as how to use the hoops for mindfulness practice in the classroom, along with providing each student's body with a training wheel for ergonomic movement. 

Making the hoops can be a class project, that involves science (contraction/expansion); the hoops are inexpensive, hand-made fidget spinners that each child is then responsible for; it can help teach abstract concepts like boundaries, respect, and perception while using tactile implements. Wrapping the hoops with tape works fine motor skills, and teaches patience.

The workshop is available to 1-16 teachers at a time; the class cost is the same total rate, regardless of size. The 100 feet of tubing included in the workshop will produce 8 sets of hoops in 4 different diameters; or can yield 32 equal-sized hoops. The hoops will be divided among the class, when there is more than 1 teacher participating in the workshop.

With the knowledge of how to make more, paired with how to direct their students, and lesson ideas, each teacher has all the tools needed to implement Hoopment into their classrooms.

I recommend pooling resources with other teachers, and ordering supplies in bulk. Watch for 50% off sales! They happen.

Contact me, Margarita, for additional information and workshop cost. 

I am only qualified to provide Continuing Education credit for Licensed Massage Therapists in the State of Texas, and as such, cannot provide CE hours for any other service provider.

The information is useful for many different bodies, in many different arenas; this is an effective way to share the tool, and share a tool-making skill.

To better serve you, I have added more knowledge to my tool box: May 2020, I became a NESTA certified Biomechanics Specialist; October 2020, a NESTA certified Functional Training Specialist. 

Hoopment: Emergency Services Applications  is a  2-hr workshop that is geared toward individuals who provide emergency support, such as Firefighters, Paramedics, EMTs, and Peace Officers; as well as Nurses and other Medical Support personnel. 

It is similar to the Teacher workshop in that it is the same rate for 1-16 students, and includes all the necessary materials.

We will be exploring how Hoopment may assist in crisis situations; assisting with anxiety as a tool to channel nervous energy, and as a visual/physical assist in conjunction with Conscious Breathing exercises, to help calm an excited/anxious body.

Additional Hoopment workshops, of a similar structure, are available for:

  • Wellness Support Providers
  • Special Needs Support
  • Social Workers & Mental Health Support Providers
  • Movement Educators
  • Elder Care Providers
  • Clergy & Spiritual Leaders
  • Parents

Learn more about these workshops here.

Each workshop explores Hoopment applications targeted toward each service provider group. Since Parents are raising the next generation, they are included in the support series. I want this information to be affordable and accessible, because it is practical and applicable.

These classes provide CE in the area of Therapist Self-Care and Business Development.

For details, visit my Continuing Education page on the business site,

Elementally Intuitive Self-Care for Massage Therapists 

Currently providing in person classes; based in the Austin area. 

The first 6 CE provide you a self-care practice to support a working MT's body for life; that may be passed on to your clients, for their wellness.

Margarita Hutchinson, LMT, LMTI, is Licensed in the State of Texas as a CE Provider:  CE1989 MT034816 MI3493

If you're interested in more advanced* work, I offer an additional 12 CE that guide you through working with a hoop as a self-massage implement, and how to self-assess your (and your client's) range of motion, with the hoop as a visual guide.

Providing your clients with a tool that they can use on their own, supports their wellness and your practice---because it's easier to work on bodies that take care of themselves--so you will also learn how to make the hoops, as promotional gifts that encourage interaction and connection. 

*Pre-requisite is a cert in either Biomechanics or Functional Training

Learn more about Elementally Intuitive Movement; and experience Intuitive Movement 101 for free, on Ko-fi.

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