This book puts the two together, exploring how Hoopment and Hoopmunication may be applied in a work environment. 

So many of us put our bodies through repetitive movements; Hoopment helps remind our bodies of our full ranges of motion, gently. 

Hoopmunication, with or without the Pressure Rainbow colors, provides easily understood and quickly observed non-verbal communication that may prevent interpersonal friction. Recognizing when our co-workers have the bandwidth to interact with others, or need to be left alone to focus on their work (whether at work-station or not), is important. 

I want to make these tools accessible, so I'm freely sharing a digital version of the book; which is available for purchase (in print) through  If you benefit from Hoopment, and would like to show your gratitude, please purchase a book.

Thank you.

In case you missed it, I'm also sharing the pdf copy of Exploring Movement Through Hoopment; just scroll to the bottom of the "Practicing Allowing" page.

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