Using mini-hoops in 4 diameters, paired with the Pressure Rainbow color gage, Hoopmunication provides an easily recognized, non-verbal expression of: emotional states/perception of pressure by the nervous system, based on color; and the need for space/proximity, based on hoop size.

XL: "Leave me alone; I do not have the bandwidth for human interaction. I need space, thank you!"

Large: "I'm up for interacting, but I need space. Let's interact as distant spheres, or no closer than        sphere-to-sphere. 

Our spheres may be visualized by holding a hoop in each hand, and moving them around one's body in every direction. Our spheres extend to the furthest edges of the hoops. Choose hoop size as needed.

Medium: "You are welcome within my sphere; but please don't touch me. Thank you!"

Small: "My nervous system has the capacity/bandwidth to receive human contact; you are welcome to respectfully touch/hug me."

The Pressure Rainbow correlates colors with emotional states/perception of pressure on the nervous system.

Cooler coolers represent lower pressure (Blue/Green), while warmer colors represent escalating levels of pressure (Yellow/Orange/Red); with Gold representing a chosen challenge/active reward state, that lies between Green & Yellow.

Because we chose the challenge, our nervous systems know that we are safe, despite the information/signals of discomfort--so we don't escalate into a state of alarm, which may happen when we are challenged in a foreign or potentially unsafe situation--not chosen.

Our blood pressures and heart rates increases from asleep, to awake, to rising out of bed...when we are happy, it raises more...excited even more...to the point of warning, then early emergency, to full on panic/crisis/meltdown.

When our nervous systems escalate into protective modes (Yellow/Orange/Red), we start to look for problems, and may perceive any other body as an "enemy vessel," and that we are navigating through "dangerous space."

We can lower our heart rates and blood pressures, and disengage "protective mode" through conscious breathing, and chosen stillness--signalling to our nervous systems that we are "safe."

Learn more about the Pressure Rainbow here; there are project and journaling ideas, that help illustrate the concepts. 

Copies of The Pressure Rainbow: Sensation Communication from One Body to Another and Your Body Is a Spaceship! A Navigational & Maintenance Manual are available through the blurb.com bookstore.

Hoopmunication is also available through blurb.com.

If you are interested in learning more about Hoopment and Hoopmunication in person, Margarita is happy to share these tools with community support groups, schools, and community centers, as a public speaker.

E-mail her to schedule a presentation.

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