Share Hoopment for Self-Care with Your Team

Practicing massage therapy in offices, I've recognized that, often, workers express only receiving the 1-2 chair massages/year that their appreciative companies provide them.

When I work in an office setting with my massage chair, I try to leave each person with self-care tips that may carry them through till that next session, because they many not have the time or resources to invest into massage therapy.

Because of the nature of the job, and working with arms maintained in a steady position over a key board, the source of neck/shoulder/upper back tension/discomfort is oftendue to tight pectoral (chest) muscles. 

Imaging the human body as covered in fabric: when the fabric in the front of the body is bunched up and constricted (due to muscle memory trained by repetitive motion), then the fabric in the back of the body is over-stretched--so much so, that it feels tight.

The back-side is tight because the front-side is pulling it taut. 

To create space (looseness) in the back-side, we must address the front side, where the constriction is.

Hoopment helps to "open" the front of the body, because of how the hoops guide us to move; they also serve as a stretch assist--getting our hands/arms behind our backs, opening our chests.

Combining Hoopment with self-massage (gentle pin & stretch techniques), assists with loosening the constricted fabric (like holding down fabric and pulling around it, we gently create space in the fibers in the front of the body),  our backs may more easily "relax" into an upright posture--because they aren't being held in place by (and in some cases, fighting) the fabric in the front.

The novel movements provided by Hoopment help to remind our bodies that we *can* move in more varied ways--so we do--so that we may, when we want to.

Health and Wellness fairs present an excellent opportunity to provide your office simple self-care techniques to integrate into their days, and combat repetitive motion fatigue/strain.

Included with every session is an 8-hoop set, in 4 diameters, to get your office hoop set started. 

During the fair, I have a 32-hoop set available for individuals to engage with the hoops; and I provide 1-on-1 or small group (as space provides) guidance on how to work with the hoops for self-care. 

Wiping down the hoops with sani-wipes, before and after use, is standard protocol--and it's an encouraged practice for every office. 

Everyone must sign a waiver, stating that they are physically able enough to engage in a physical activity; and if they feel unfit, to consult a physician before engaging in any physical activity, including Intuitive Movement 101, Hoopment, and Shimmy. All 3 are gentle activities that, when practiced mindfully, will not result in injury. Each practicing individual is responsible for listening to their body's needs; I am not liable for any injuries/accidents.

I recommend an office waiver for the same purposes.

My rates vary depending on the length of the fair; learn more about it through my business website,, on this page.

Laughing Movement is an added bonus! Laughter helps relieve tension; and provides vagal toning--so we may better cope with stress/distress, in general.