Start your own Hoopter

(Hoopment Chapter)

Gather together your Hooptees (people who practice Hoopment) for regular Grooping/Groopment.  You may learn more by practicing together, which can help support your solo Hoopment practice.

(If you say "Group Hoopment" 5x's and quickly, you're sure to grin!)

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Make Your Own

Find your source for tubing. There are many companies out there; I prefer to buy in bulk, HDPE tubing. 

Look around and compare prices, find what works for you; what's most important are the materials.  Hoopologie & Hoopsupplies are a start.

For mini hoop making, I purchase 100 feet of 1/2 in tubing, plus 5 feet of 3/8 in tubing (connector).

Soak the 1/2 in ends in hot water for a bit, then insert the 3/8 in. You'll figure out the sizing; a good start is 32-36 inches of hoop tubing, and 3-4 inch pieces of connector tubing.

(I purchased 1/2 in tubing from a hardware store, that didn't require soaking for the 3/8 in connector tubing to easily slide in. I super-glued the joints together so the hoops don't slide apart.) 

A simpler method is putting my cut hoop tubing in a hot car or garage or outside (bc Texas!) long enough for it to expand; and keep the connector tubing in the freezer, contracting. By the time the hoop part has expanded enough, the connector has contracted enough. How long will it take? There's your science experiment with the kids!

A good heating pad can also do the job, with a little patience; and freeze the connector bits for ease.

I usually don't measure when I cut the tubing; random sizes are fine because there are all kinds of body sizes out there, and therefore I need hoops of  all sizes.

Additionally, playing with hoops of varied sizes provides for a different type of muscular training, as each hoop size guides our bodies to move in different ways.  Physics in action!

Also, playing with odd sized hoops at the same time (vs one hoop)  is also fun and guides us through different dynamics of motion.

The Flow State

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There are different ways of achieving a Flow State.


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Play.  Experiment.  Allow the hoops to guide you, and your mind to rest and simply observe.


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